November Workshop – China Painted Snowman Ornament by Sally Straehla

chinaChina Painted Snowman Ornament

Surface: china ornament available for purchase for $3.00


small tile or piece of glass to use as palette

small container with lid for turpentine

small brushes that can be used in turpentine (suggest flat      #4,6,liner #1,small round)

quill pen if have (I will have a few we can share)

wipe out tool (if have) and small palette knife

paper towels and  tracing paper, etc.  (can free hand if prefer)

I will provide china paint ,turpentine and painting medium with a container. No prep is needed but you can trace drawing if want.

Please call if you have questions.  Sally 954 830-1221


Carol Spohn Watercolor Seminar

Carol Spohn

Watercolor Seminar ~ Beginner’s Welcome

October 31st, November 1st & 2nd, 2014


$55.00 per day (members) ~ Special 3-Day Price $150.00 (members)

Non-Members add additional $15.00 per day

Check out her website

“If you have acrylic painters who hesitate to do watercolor, let them know that I did watercolors for over 20 years. I teach watercolor using similar terms/techniques. They will love the stress free, fun way of watercolors. Really they will. And they should finish the paintings in class, or just have a little left to finish on their own”.

Carol Spohn

Turtle CollageCarol Spohn Turtle_Collage Friday

Friday, October 31, 2014

Turtle: An application of collage over a watercolor under painting. The turtle piece is all covered up with collage. Watercolor paper included.


Sunflower CollageCarol Spohn Sun Flower Collage

Saturday, November 1, 2014

On the Sunflower, the collage is just here and there. Water colored paper included.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Exploding Iris

Carol Spohn ppexploiding_Iris Sunday