Carol Spohn Watercolor Seminar

Carol Spohn

Watercolor Seminar ~ Beginner’s Welcome

October 31st, November 1st & 2nd, 2014


$55.00 per day (members) ~ Special 3-Day Price $150.00 (members)

Non-Members add additional $15.00 per day

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“If you have acrylic painters who hesitate to do watercolor, let them know that I did watercolors for over 20 years. I teach watercolor using similar terms/techniques. They will love the stress free, fun way of watercolors. Really they will. And they should finish the paintings in class, or just have a little left to finish on their own”.

Carol Spohn

Turtle CollageCarol Spohn Turtle_Collage Friday

Friday, October 31, 2014

Turtle: An application of collage over a watercolor under painting. The turtle piece is all covered up with collage. Watercolor paper included.


Sunflower CollageCarol Spohn Sun Flower Collage

Saturday, November 1, 2014

On the Sunflower, the collage is just here and there. Water colored paper included.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Exploding Iris

Carol Spohn ppexploiding_Iris Sunday

September Workshop Taught by Linda Greener


BY:  Linda Greener


This painting is done on a Kettle or Martin gourd.   This is done loose and freehand, but I have prepared

a drawing for those of you who would prefer a pattern.

Colors:  Americana:

Bahama Blue

Charcoal Grey

(If you have trouble finding Charcoal the Ceramcoat Conversion is Dark Chocolate)

Country Red

Glorious Gold

Ivory Black

Light Buttermilk

Payne’s Grey

Royal Purple

Snow Titanium White



7” martin or kettle gourd, cleaned.   These will be provided cleaned, in class for an additional $8.00; Kit Includes Gourd,  Eye Hooks (2) and Earring.


Please bring your own BANDANA: ¼ yard of cotton material, washed and ironed if needed.   Can be a print or plain.


SHADE AND HIGHLIGHT COLORS for your fabric choice.  Examples:

RED Bandana:  that looks like Country Red. Shade with Antique Maroon or Rookwood Red, Highlight with Antique Rose or Blush.

PURPLE Bandana:  Shade with Dioxazine purple or Royal purple, Highlight with Orchid or Lavender.

NAVY Bandana:  Shade with Payne’s Grey, Highlight with Sapphire or Uniform Blue.


We will use Minwax Polycrylic Satin finish to adhere the fabric to the gourd.  I will provide in class.

Regular painting supplies.

Plus:   Varnish brush or old brush to use with the Polycrylic, sea sponge, stylus, pencil or chalk pencil.

Brushes:  ¾ to 1” flat, 10, #8, #6 flat or angle (used for floating) liner, Mops various sizes, stencil brush for cheeks.